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Xavier Mendoza is Ecstatic With His Results

Xavier Mendoza is Ecstatic With His Results

“Yes, after one month in this treatment of ScalpMed, it’s been going amazing.  I’m ecstatic about the results, and my girl, she likes it.  I’m getting stares again.” -Xavier Mendoza

Men's Hair Regrowth Results XM1


Men's Hair Regrowth Results XM2

Month 1

Men's Hair Regrowth Results XM3

Month 4

Men's Hair Regrowth Results XM4

Month 6

“I had this kind of like partition here in the top portion of my head. That was a major concern. Because I didn’t intentionally part my hair there. It was just somehow I was losing hair there and it started a part on its own. So, look at the area now. It’s just filled in. It’s just crazy.” -Xavier Mendoza

“It’s like carpet man.  It’s like wool.  A couple of guys at the job were like teasing me, because now they know the product, they were saying “carpet head.”  I’d rather be called that though.” -Xavier Mendoza