What To Expect

What To Expect Using ScalpMED

1-2 Months

Starting with your very first application, ScalpMED® is penetrating your scalp and bringing oxygen, nutrients and life back into each follicle and your hair follicles start to jump back to life immediately.Your thinner hairs should start to thicken shortly after you start using ScalpMED® and new hairs will start to be produced as dying follicles are coming back to life.During the first few weeks dying hairs will dye off and their follicles will push them out to replace them with new healthier hairs.It is important to keep in mind during the early stages of hair restoration treatment that hair-regrowth is a gradual process. Think of it like looking at grass growing. You may not “see” it growing, but it is. In much the same way, there are invisible changes that must take place within your scalp before you notice visible hair growth.

2-4 Months

Remember, hair grows at the rate of about 1/4 - 1/2 an inch per month. So during this time, the hairs that started to thicken should start to become thick enough to make a visible difference and new hairs that started being produced earlier will start to sprout out through the surface of the scalp and became visible and hair will start to look healthier and thicker and thin spots should start to fill in.

5-6 Months

This is when you really start to see the amazing hair growth that ScalpMED® makes possible. By now you should start to notice significant and increased hair regrowth throughout your scalp. In this stage, you will see the areas filling in with new, thicker hair. Some people even notice less gray and more of their natural color coming back.

6-12 Months

During this period your hair is getting thicker and healthier every day. You shouldn’t even be worried about checking for new hairs anymore. Just follow your routine like brushing your teeth and enjoy your hair. For even healthier hair continue using ScalpMED® ESSENTIALS to cleans and condition your hair and scalp.