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Kelly McCracken is Ecstatic About His Scalp Med Results!

Kelly McCracken is Ecstatic About His Scalp Med Results!

“When I have really long hair, it’s very curly, and lots of women envy me for that, because they’ll spend on a fortune on trying to get their hair curly, when it happened to me naturally. So, yeah, I don’t want to lose my hair. It is my one vanity piece. That is my vain. I’d admit it.  I want to keep my hair and I’ll do whatever it takes.” -Kelly McCracken

Men's Hair Regrowth Results KM1


Men's Hair Regrowth Results KM2

Month 2

Men's Hair Regrowth Results KM3

Month 4

Men's Hair Regrowth Results KM4

Month 6

“There’s no downside.  I mean nothing’s painful.  I mean, it’s just there.  In fact, I like the way it makes my hair look when I do it.  I think it’s kind of very smooth, like Fabio or something.” -Kelly McCracken

“I’m ecstatic!  I just saw the results.  You guys just ran me through the photos, and the mirror and everything, and obviously, ScalpMed is a big success.  I’ve got three times the hair I had back there, so I’m thrilled.” -Kelly McCracken