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4 Foods That Promote Shinier, Thicker Hair

4 Foods That Promote Shinier, Thicker Hair

woman with shiny blonde hair

If your hair has been feeling dull, brittle, and limp, chances are you may not be feeding it properly. Our hair shafts need nutrients including iron, protein, vitamins, and fatty acids every day, and you can find them in various foods. We’ve done the homework for you and picked out these four foods that are proven to boost the shine and thickness of your locks.

shrimp skewers

1. Shrimp. Know what else starts with S? Shiny, silky, and strong! The omega-3 fatty acids in shrimp give your scalp the oils it needs to keep your locks wonderfully hydrated and glossy. In addition, the zinc content protects hair from weakening, while vitamin D stimulates hair growth.

peppered steak and veggies

2. Lean beef. It won’t matter how lustrous your locks are if they keeping falling out! If you’re experiencing a noticeable amount of hair loss, your body may be telling you it has an iron deficiency (and it’s even more likely if you are female). One way to stop excessive shedding in its tracks is to include more iron and protein-rich foods in your diet. Lean beef is one of the best options and can be eaten two to three times a week. This red meat also includes zinc, which has been attributed to hair loss when enough is not consumed. If you can’t eat meat, look to vegetarian alternatives such as tofu, which can also provide your hair with the iron intake it needs.

dark chocolate chunks

3. Dark chocolate. Do we really need to convince you on this one? Along with its superb antioxidant content, dark chocolate also contains protein, iron, and B-vitamins. These three nutrients strengthen your tresses, keep your follicles from weakening, and protect your hair from falling out. That said, save the milk, mint, and white chocolate for a rainy day and indulge in a dark chocolate bar in the meantime.

red bell peppers

4. Bell peppers. These plants are a rich source of vitamin C, which strengthens the capillaries that nourish your roots. In other words, when your capillaries are healthy, your hair shafts will be getting the maximum amount of nutrition available to it. If you really need a boost, pick red peppers to promote a fuller head of hair – they have twice the vitamin C content of their green counterparts!

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