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Zack Daly is Growing Hair on His Crown

Zack Daly is Growing Hair on His Crown

“I’m definitely self-conscious about it, is everyone looking at it, is everybody noticing it, were they talking about that, what are they whispering about, were they making fun of me, what can I do?  I can’t help it.  I’m 22.” -Zack Daly

Men Hair Regrowth Results ZD1


Men Hair Regrowth Results ZD2

Month 2

Men Hair Regrowth Results ZD3

Month 4

Men Hair Regrowth Results ZD4

Month 6

“There is a little bit of growth at the crown, feeling very hopeful, and excited to keep using it! It is easy to use this and its just become a part of my routine.” -Zack Daly

“The crown is becoming full and there are more new hairs growing in that are really encouraging!  The top of my head before and now photos are night and day!  It is looking really good.  I will definitely recommend Scalp Med to a friend of mine.” -Zack Daly