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Gustavo Chanampa Has New Hair Follicles

Gustavo Chanampa Has New Hair Follicles

“It is completely obvious that all the follicles in the hair population are growing, and you can see how weak hair is getting stronger and more abundant.  So, it’s really amazing.” -Gustavo Chanampa

Men Hair Regrowth Results GC1


Men Hair Regrowth Results GC2

Month 2

Men Hair Regrowth Results GC3

Month 4

Men Hair Regrowth Results GC4

Month 6

“It’s growing very consistently.  The follicles are getting stronger and I can see that there is more hair population in the scalp, so I’m really happy.” -Gustavo Chanampa

“Now I see I am doing something that shows progress on a monthly basis.  For sure I will keep using Scalp Med after I finished this 6 month test.  I absolutely would recommend Scalp Med to anyone who suffers from hair loss, no doubt about it.” -Gustavo Chanampa