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The perfect summer usually means trips to the pool or maybe even beach, it could also mean damage to your otherwise healthy scalp! We’ve put together 6 essential tips to help promote healthy hair and a healthy scalp. Wearing a scarf or sun hat when exposed to direct sunlight will protect your scalp from harmful…

Finding the right methods to implement into your daily routine to promote hair regrowth is a daunting task due to the volume of different tactics you can utilize and the conflicting information available about their effectiveness in stimulating healthy hair growth. If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, you have likely explored… Read More

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Travel plans ahead this holiday season? Whether you’re going by land, sea, or air, these simple and easy pointers will keep your hair in tiptop shape through the upcoming months. 1. Tie it up and/or spritz away. Traveling for hours on end can wipe you out, and the same goes for your hair. Avoid the…

When you think of damaged hair, images of bad dye jobs and heated battles with your curling iron most likely come to mind. However, there are less obvious crimes you may be unknowingly committing against your locks! These are some of the most common causes of hair damage and what you can do to treat…