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5 Easy Holiday Hair Care Tips To Remember

5 Easy Holiday Hair Care Tips To Remember

Travel plans ahead this holiday season? Whether you’re going by land, sea, or air, these simple and easy pointers will keep your hair in tiptop shape through the upcoming months.

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1. Tie it up and/or spritz away. Traveling for hours on end can wipe you out, and the same goes for your hair. Avoid the dreaded flat look by styling your hair in an updo to protect its shape and to give your roots a boost. You can do this by tipping your head forward and pulling your hair up into a loose topknot. The keyword here is “loose” – if your bun is too tight, you may get a headache on top of thinning out your hair strands from the constant pressure on your scalp. If your hair is on the shorter end, lightly spritz it with water and massage your scalp to stimulate your roots and give it short-­‐term volume.

2. Keep it simple. You may be tempted to pull out all the stops for a fabulous hairstyle, but keep the curling iron in the drawer. The cold (and often times windy!) winter air will already be putting your hair to the test. Instead, opt for classic braided updos and add festive accessories such as jeweled headbands that won’t put extra pressure on your locks.

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3. Sleep on a silk pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases love absorbing moisture, and in the dry winter months, your hair needs all the hydration it can get. Bring a silk pillowcase with you on your travels – this smooth fabric not retains moisture, but it also keeps tangles and knots at bay due to its slippery texture. Win-­‐win! If you’d rather not carry a pillowcase around, an easy cheat is to bring along a silk scarf to lay on top of your pillow or to wrap around your head at night.

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4. Part it to the side. Hair feeling a little limp after your in-­‐flight snooze? Grab a wide-­‐toothed comb to part your hair to the other side for an instant lift! If you’re in a bind, let your fingers sub in for the task.

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5. Use sulfate paraben free products. Winters are the toughest for your tresses, and nothing is more specialized for this kind of battle than a high quality hair care product. Did you know most over-­‐the-­‐ counter shampoos contain at least one extremely harsh ingredient that could contribute to hair thinning and loss? We recommend bringing along a carefully-­‐formulated cleanser such as our Scalp Med®’s Phyto-­‐Pūr® Shampoo so your hair will be holiday-­‐ready all season long.

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