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How Do Hair Detoxifiers Work?

How Do Hair Detoxifiers Work?

If you suffer from hair loss or hair thinning, one of your highest priorities is likely finding the right product or treatment program to regrow your lost hair. Hair loss and hair thinning often result in individuals experiencing a loss of confidence due to their changing appearance. Finding a solution to reverse hair loss and regrow lost hair can feel elusive due to the sheer volume of different products and treatments available and their varying levels of effectiveness. Many companies develop products that claim to reverse hair loss, but do not deliver on their promises and leave consumers feeling unsatisfied and as if they wasted their money. One of the biggest deterrents for many individuals in trying new products is not understanding exactly how they work to improve hair health, promote healthy hair growth, and reverse hair loss. Until you understand what you are putting on your hair and what is in the product you are using, there is a warranted hesitancy about its safety and effectiveness. Looking for the right product and treatment option can be daunting in part because of how many different options are available and how different each of them is. There is everything from tattooing to thickening shampoos to hair replacement surgery and everything in between. One product that you may have heard and wondered about is a hair detoxifier. To help you understand how hair detoxifiers work, we have put together an informational guide about what hair detoxifiers are, how they work, tips and tricks to detoxify your body and promote healthy hair growth, and how to find the right solution for you.

What is a Hair Detoxifier?

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The first question you may ask yourself is, “What exactly is a hair detoxifier?” A hair detoxifier is a product that is designed to remove hair and scalp buildup that normal shampoos cannot remove from the hair follicles. To remove this type of build up, ahair detoxifier shampoo or treatment is needed. Many people do not realize that though their shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products may be marketed as specially designed and containing high-quality ingredients, many of these products contain chemicals and harsh irritants that can lead to hair loss and hair thinning. Many people choose their shampoo and conditioner based on the smell, the look of the bottle and the product, and the texture. However, if you dig deeper into the product, you will find an ingredient label that often contains a high percentage of water as the main ingredient and unpronounceable chemicals and the next leading ingredients. While these products may smell great and product a desirable foam and texture when being used, it does not mean that they are healthy or ideal for your hair. Over time, the chemical deposits will seep into the salp and will damage the hair follicles. Make sure when you are selecting hair products that you know what is in them and that the ingredients are proven to stimulate hair growth and promote hair health.

In addition to hair products, there are a number of other environmental factors that can lead to a buildup of oils on the hair follicles, including an imbalanced or nutritionally deficient diet. Many people experience hair thinning or hair loss due to having a toxic scalp. When a toxic scalp develops, toxins like cholesterol and oils build up around the interior walls of the hair shaft and hair follicles, which leads to the growth of harmful bacteria and a buildup of waste. This oily residue that is present will clog the hair follicle. This blockage will prevent the hair from growing to its normal thickness and can result in hair shedding from the scalp more rapidly as a result. As mentioned above, a normal shampoo cannot remove this type of buildup from the hair follicle. To return the hair follicle to an ideal healthy state, the toxins must be broken up, and the clog to the hair follicles must be removed. This process can only occur through a deep cleaning of the hair follicles. Once the hair follicles have been properly detoxified, healthy hair will once again be able to grow. This is where a hair detoxifier steps in.Hair detoxifiersare specially formulated to remove years of buildup and residue quickly and to maintain hair unclogged, healthy hair follicles. A hair detoxifier will penetrate the hair shaft and hair follicle todetoxify hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. With this understanding in mind, it is now possible to explore how hair detoxifiers work.

How Does a Hair Detoxifier Work?

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If you are considering using adetoxifier for hairto help combat hair loss or hair thinning, it is important to understand how a hair detoxifier works. A main ingredient in the hair detoxifier should be a substance that is capable of stripping the oily residue from the surface of the hair follicle. The ideal ingredient for this purpose is panthenol, which is a derivative of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). Panthenol is a provitamin and is a chiral molecule that is known for its properties as a highly effective humectant. Its humectant properties make it an ideal inclusion for moisture retention. Panthenol and its parent, pantothenic acid, also are vital to stripping the hair follicles of built-up cholesterol and oils that block the hair shaft and hair follicle, thereby preventing hair growth. This helps to boost healthy hair growth and keep the hair follicles in an ideal state to produce healthy hair.

In addition, panthenol is also an extremely beneficial moisturizer and emollient. When applied on the surface of the hair strands, panthenol is able to apply an even coat on the surface of the hair strand, encasing the hair follicle in a smooth film that forms on the surface of the cuticle. This film that forms on the hair cuticle offers an enhanced reflection of light from the surface of the hair, giving the hair the appearance of gloss and shine. In addition, this film also boosts the slip between strands of hair and offers the benefit of improved detangling. Panthenol is actually capable of penetrating deep into the hair shaft, where it increases moisture retention and boost the thickness and volume of the hair follicle.

Though Panthenol creates a film over the surface of the hair, it is important to understand that this film is very different than the oily buildup that prevents hair growth. Panthenol has an extremely different structure to a waxy material and also does not bind tightly to the surface of the hair strand. This lack of strict binding means that it can be easily removed from the hair during normal shampoo and conditioning. Panthenol and pantothenic acid are remarkable substances that are capable of improving scalp health and promoting healthy hair growth. Panthenol is easily absorbed by the skill and directly impacts the metabolic processes of epidermal cells, which is a contributing factor to its ability to improve the condition of the scalp. When looking for a hair detoxifier, be sure to look for key ingredients like panthenol, pantothenic acid, or provitamin B5 to make sure the product contains high-quality ingredients. In addition, it is important to ensure that the product you select is sulfate and paraben-free so that it does no damage your hair follicles and expose your scalp to harmful ingredients. With this understanding of how hair detoxifiers work in mind, it is now possible to explore other tips and tricks you can introduce into your life to detoxify your body and improve your hair health.

Tips and Tricks to Detoxify Your Body and Promote Healthy Hair Growth

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Detoxifying your hair follicles is incredibly important to preserving healthy hair growth and preventing oily residue buildup, but what else can you be doing to detoxify your body and promote healthy hair growth? To help you answer this question, we have put together a few easily implemented tips and tricks to detoxify your body and promote healthy hair growth.

  • Reevaluate Your Diet: Many people do not realize how intrinsically connected the hair growth process is with the foods you consume on a daily basis. The building block of hair is keratin, and keratin production is reliant on nutrients from the food you eat. If you are eating a diet that is nutritionally deficient, it will show in your hair and will negatively impact your hair’s overall health. If a nutritional deficit continues over time, your hair will lack luster, shine, body, volume, will cease growing quickly, and in some cases may begin to fall out or thin. Just as with many hair products, there are many foods available that are laced with harmful chemicals and poor ingredients that will not only be detrimental to your health and well-being but to the health and growth of your hair. There are many natural ingredients to incorporate into your diet that possess vitamins shown to boost hair growth. If you are looking to boost your hair growth and improve your hair health, research foods that improve hair health and promote healthy hair growth. From there, you can compile a hair growth foods list to incorporate into your daily life. In addition, be sure to reduce or cut out the amount of processed and sugar-laden foods you are consuming as these can negatively affect your hair health.
  • Ditch the Harsh Ingredients in Your Hair Products:  The skin is a conduit for your body and absorbs the products that are used on it. If you are using shampoo and conditioner each day on your scalp and hair that is full of harsh ingredients, it will have a negative impact on your hair and may accelerate or contribute to hair loss or hair thinning. To help detoxify your body from these harsh irritants to promote healthy hair growth, spend some time reading the labels on your current hair products, researching ingredients you aren’t familiar with, and then decide whether or not they are truly beneficial for your hair health. If they are not, then replace them with an alternative that is scientifically formulated to cleanse, clarify, and moisturize your hair and scalp. If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, it is also useful to look for a thickening shampoo for hair. Thickening shampoo will help to penetrate and strengthen the hair shaft to restore the volume of the hair, which results in a decreased appearance of thinning or hair loss. If possible, look for a shampoo and conditioner that are fortified with natural ingredients that have been shown to promote healthy hair growth, such as a plant sterol, essential amino acids, palmetto plant, green tea, nettle, hops, and chamomile extracts. A fortified shampoo for hair growth will help to moisturize and improve the quality of your hair.

Finding the Right Solution For You

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If you are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, finding the right solution can be a tremendous challenge, particularly in light of how many hair products and treatment systems contain harsh irritants. To address your hair loss or hair thinning, it is important to look for a company that specialized in hair loss solutions as they will have dedicated their resources specifically to developing scientifically advanced products to regrow lost hair. If possible, look for a hair loss treatment system that can work in conjunction with a hair detoxifier from the same company to ensure that there are no chemical or ingredient interactions. In addition, look for products that are paraben and sulfate-free and do not contain harsh irritants, as these will further irritate the scalp and hair follicle.

If you are looking for a proven effective solution, Scalp Med may be the solution you have been looking for. Scalp Med offers a unique, 2-step process that has been shown to halt and reverse hereditary hair loss and to restore hair loss due to non-hereditary factors. In addition to the hair loss treatment systems designed specifically for men and for women, Scalp Med also offers a Panthenol-DX Follicle Detoxifier that can remove years of buildup in seconds and can keep your hair follicles clear.