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Haircuts For Women With Thin Hair

Haircuts For Women With Thin Hair

So your stylist wants you to get a haircut?

As a woman with fine hair that might be the last thing you want to do. Believe it or not outside of using products that produce a healthy environment for your scalp, you can achieve the look of thicker, fuller hair with getting regular haircuts.

women's haircut

When you go into the salon tell your stylist that you want to achieve a full look and be prepared to listen to their recommendations, after all they are the pros! Here are some of the haircuts we love for fine hair.

blunt bob women's haircut

The Blunt Bob

Karlie Kloss, Victoria Secret Model is the perfect example of why a Blunt Bob is perfect haircut for womenwith thin hair.  The clean line helps to draw attention to the face and away from the hair. To maintain and amplify fullness, avoid overtexturizing hair with lots of layers.

Choppy Pixie

choppy pixie women's haircutHave you ever noticed when your hair is shorter it seems to be stronger? That is because it is! Mix up the traditional pixie by adding choppy layers to add volume which will help your thin hair appear even thicker. My hair inspiration for this one is Michelle Williams.

Lob With Light Layerswomen's lob haircut

We all love a good lob, and as far as I can tell it this trend is not going anywhere for a while. When going to your stylist for a Lob when you have thin or fine hair you want to be sure to ask for layers that are light and blunt rather than layered. One of the many things to love about this haircut is you can rock it straight or wavy.