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Dustin Burrow’s Hair is Growing

Dustin Burrow’s Hair is Growing

“I’ve also used some of the chemicals that are out there now, products, re-growth products that are out there. And they helped a little bit, but not really anything of significance.” -Dustin Burrows

Men Hair Regrowth Results DB1


Men Hair Regrowth Results DB2

Month 2

Men Hair Regrowth Results DB3

Month 4

Men Hair Regrowth Results DB4

Month 6

“I feel good.  I am confident that my hair’s growing.  I can see on the computer that there’s new hair growing, and existing hair is getting thicker.” -Dustin Burrows

“I’m a hairdresser.  So, people in the salon are saying, “Oh, your hair’s different.  It’s looking thicker.”  Because everybody knows what’s going on at work.” -Dustin Burrows