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Francisco Saw Hair Regrowth in Only 2-Months!*

Francisco Saw Hair Regrowth in Only 2-Months!*

“People are really impressed with my hair regrowth.  They can’t believe it’s only been 2-months, and it’s already changed a lot.  I’m still keeping a level head.  I’m not going to let it fully sink in until I’m done, but I’m getting really good results.

Men's Hair Regrowth Results FM1


Men's Hair Regrowth Results FM2

2 Months

Men's Hair Regrowth Results FM3

4 Months

Men's Hair Regrowth Results FM4

6 Months

It is 60 days in, and my hair is looking really good.  Even before I got the pictures taken, I noticed less hair falling out when I shower, so that’s really good.

I’m seeing hair that I’ve been missing for, four or five years. It’s encouraging when you see such quick results. Everybody loves quick results, but, some people need more time. I’ve just been one of the lucky ones.” -Francisco Montano

*Francisco used Scalp Med for 6 months as part of a consumer study, received product at no charge and was compensated for time/expenses. Individual results may vary. No thickening agents were used in after photos.