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What Type of Shampoo is Best For Thinning Hair?

What Type of Shampoo is Best For Thinning Hair?

If you are suffering from thinning hair, the number of different products available can be overwhelming and it can be daunting to find the right products for your hair and lifestyle. One of the most common products available for individuals with thinning hair is hair thickening shampoo. Hair growth shampoo aids in boosting the amount and length of hair grown from the scalp. There are many different types and varieties of hair loss shampoo and deep conditioner treatments available, which can make finding the right one for you a difficult choice. To help you find the best shampoo for hair loss, we have put together an informational guide that delves into how shampoo for thinning hair works to promote hair growth, the top ingredients for a hair growth shampoo, what to look for in a hair growth shampoo, and selecting the right hair growth system for you. With this knowledge and a desire for a healthy head of locks, you can go forward to find the best shampoo for hair growth for your lifestyle.

What is Hair Growth Shampoo and How Does It Work?

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If you have considered using a hair growth shampoo but have held off because you are not quite sure how it works, you are not alone. While the prevalence of hair thickening shampoos makes many knowledgeable of their existence, often this awareness does not extend to how hair thickening shampoos work on a scientific level to increase the thickness, fullness, and even presence of hair on the scalp. Hair growth shampoos, which are often referred to as hair thickening shampoos, directly affect the appearance of the hair follicles. Many hair thickening shampoos penetrate into the hair shaft and cause the hair follicle to swell, which makes the hair appear thicker and fuller. The increased thickness and fullness reduce the appearance of hair thinning or hair loss. In addition, many hair thickening shampoos also contain a number of different ingredients intended to promote healthy hair growth and combat hair loss. However, it is important to keep in mind that the thickening effects of hair growth shampoo are temporary and the hair must be washed with the hair thickening shampoo on a consistent basis for the results to be long-lasting. With this understanding in mind, it is now possible to explore some of the top ingredients that are present in various hair growth shampoos and how they work to reduce the appearance of hair thinning.

The Top Ingredients For Hair Loss Shampoos

For a shampoo to effectively help boost healthy hair growth, it is necessary for it to be infused with ingredients that are scientifically proven to promote healthy hair growth. Many shampoos available contain harsh chemical and irritants that prevent hair from growing quickly and being healthy throughout its full lifecycle. By selecting a hair growth shampoo that has high-quality ingredients linked to healthy hair growth, it is possible to improve the health and appearance of hair and stimulate hair growth. Below are a handful of the top ingredients for hair loss shampoos.

  • Essential Amino Acids:Many people do not realize the incredible impact that amino acids have on hair health and growth. The hair follicles require keratin and collagen to be healthy since these are its main structural proteins. In order for the body to produce the keratin and collagen needed for the hair, it needs to consistent supply of amino acids. Of the various amino acids the body produces and needs (essential and non-essential amino acids), there are several amino acids which are particularly tied to healthy hair growth. A few of these integral amino acids are arginine, lysine, methionine, and cysteine. These amino acids are necessary for the body to tap into to generate keratin. For the production of collagen, the body relies on proline, glycine, methionine, and lysine. Of the amino acids listed above, both lysine and methionine are essential. This classification means that these amino acids must be consumed through diet or absorbed through a topical treatment in order for the body to have them as it is not capable of producing them on its own. By utilizing a product that contains essential amino acids, it is possible to combat hair loss and promote healthy hair growth, making it an ideal ingredient for inclusion in hair loss shampoo.
  • Biotin: Another popular ingredient in many hair thickening shampoos is Biotin. Biotin can be found in a number of different foods and can be ingested through a daily supplement as well. Biotin plays an essential role in maintaining the health of the hair, skin, and nails. Biotin, similar to amino acids, plays a key role in the body’s ability to produce keratin, which is the main building block of hair. Biotin is a powerful B-vitamin that has the ability to stimulate healthy hair growth and improve hair health and appearance, which is why it is included in many different types of hair growth shampoos.
  • Saw Palmetto:Saw Palmetto is harvested from a plant that earned its name as a result of its large, saw-toothed leaves. In recent years, the many health benefits of saw palmetto have begun to be more widely researched and recognized. Saw palmetto contains a number of different plant-based chemicals that can affect the levels of testosterone in the body and are capable of acting as an anti-inflammatory agent on the body. A few of the primary components of saw palmetto are plant sterols and fatty acids. One of the reasons for saw palmetto’s rapid rise to fame is its natural ability to fight hair loss. One of the primary causes of hair loss is due to a hormone called DHT. DHT results from the conversion of testosterone and is a naturally occurring hormone within the body. DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink, which can cause hair loss or hair thinning as a result. Saw palmetto counteracts these effects and helps to promote healthy hair growth and hair follicle health.
  • Caffeine: When you think of caffeine, it is likely that a cup of coffee comes to mind, but caffeine is capable of much more than just providing you with your daily morning boost of energy. As mentioned above, testosterone that has been converted into DHT can have a negative impact on hair growth. Caffeine works to protect the hair follicles from testosterone and aids in the stimulation of weakened hair roots to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Niacin: Niacin is a fairly common ingredient utilized in hair growth shampoos. Niacin is a type of B3 vitamin. Niacin functions as a carrier that aids in the transportation of energy that is gleaned from the food that is consumed by various cells throughout the body. Rather than letting carbohydrates turn into fat, Niacin is able to channel those carbohydrates into functional energy that the body can tap into. In addition, Niacin improves blood circulation on the surface of the scalp and reduces scalp inflammation, which stimulates healthy hair growth. Niacin also is capable of repairing DNA and boosting the production of keratin, further promoting hair growth.
  • Green Tea: Green tea is another naturally occurring ingredient that has been shown to help boost healthy hair growth. Green tea has been shown to have the ability to function as a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor. 5-alpha-reductase is the enzyme that facilitates the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is a common cause of hair loss and hair thinning. In addition, green tea also boasts a high concentration of panthenol and antioxidants, which increase the strength and elasticity of hair follicles, thereby making them less prone to breakage and damage. The antioxidants found in green tea also help to protect the scalp and hair follicles from damage due to free radicals. Green tea has also been shown to be effective in combating dandruff and scalp itchiness.
  • Zinc: Zinc is another ingredient that is capable of improving scalp health and reducing the appearance of dandruff. Zinc is often included is dandruff shampoos as well as hair growth shampoos.

What To Look For in a Hair Growth Shampoo

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As you research various hair growth shampoos, it can be challenging to find the right hair thickening shampoo for your hair. To help you make the best decision possible for your hair, we have put together a list of tips to keep in mind when looking for a hair growth shampoo.

  • Choose For Your Hair Type: Many hair growth shampoos vary based on what hair type they are designed for. For example, a hair thickening shampoo that is designed for dry, thin hair will be formulated to perform differently than a hair growth shampoo designed to treat oily, thick hair. These differences can dramatically affect the effectiveness of the treatment. When you are looking for the right hair growth shampoo for your hair, make sure that the product you select aligns with your hair health and type to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Target Specialized Products: One mistake that many people make when searching for the right hair growth shampoo for their hair is relying on the options that are most easily accessible or widely recognized rather than dedicating time and effort to finding a specialized product. Many companies produce hair thickening shampoos, but not all hair thickening shampoos are created equal. As you search for the right hair growth shampoo, look for companies that specialize in promoting healthy hair growth and reversing hair loss. These companies will have the knowledge and scientific understanding to develop products that specifically target various aspects of the hair growth process to stimulate healthy hair growth. When looking for a product, choose a product that is specialized and scientifically based to enhance its effectiveness and boost your hair growth.
  • Always Check The Ingredient List: Just as when you look for food to purchase, you should always check the ingredient list when looking for a new product to integrate into your hair care routine. When looking at the ingredient list label on the hair growth shampoo, make sure that the top ingredients (ingredients listed first have the highest concentration in the product) to be sure that they have been shown to boost hair growth and improve hair health. Unfortunately, many companies include harsh chemicals and irritants in their products, which can actually have an adverse effect on the hair growth process. To avoid unwittingly damaging your hair, be sure to always check the ingredient list and research any ingredients you are unfamiliar with.
  • Look for an Associated Hair Growth System: Many companies create their product line to function cohesively together and maximize results when combined. If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, look for a hair growth shampoo that is designed to function with an associated hair growth system from the same product line. This also ensures that none of the ingredients in the products will interact in a negative way, which can be a risk when using products from different companies and different product lines

Selecting the Right Hair Growth System For You

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If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, the ideal solution is to find a comprehensive hair growth system that will help to reverse hereditary and non-hereditary hair loss. In this hair growth system, you should be sure to include a shampoo designed to help thicken hair follicles to reduce the appearance of hair loss and to improve overall hair health. Scalp Med offers a unique two-step system to treat hereditary and non-hereditary hair loss and hair thinning. Scalp Med’s proven-effective regimen combines NutriSol®, a multi-patented pretreatment technology, and Vitadil®, a clinical-strength Minoxidil-based treatment formula. Scalp Med also offers Phyto-Pūr® Shampoo, which is completely free of harmful ingredients and irritants and is designed to penetrate and strengthen the hair shaft as it gently cleanses, thickening hair to restore the volume of your hair. Phyto-Pūr® Shampoo is fortified with plant sterols, essential amino acids, palmetto plant, green tea, nettle, hops and chamomile extracts and is paraben-free. If you are looking to reverse hair loss or hair thinning, Scalp Med has a solution to help you.