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Alvin Escobar Feels Good About Scalp Med

Alvin Escobar Feels Good About Scalp Med

“In the first month of using the Scalpmed, I’ve seen a slight decrease in the hair that goes down the drain and my texture feels soft, which is nice.” -Alvin Escobar

Men's Hair Regrowth Results AE1


Men's Hair Regrowth Results AE2

Month 2

Men's Hair Regrowth Results AE3

Month 4

Men's Hair Regrowth Results AE4Month 6

“The hair is gradually filling in the bald spot… I feel good about using Scalp Med and I want to keep using Scalp Med. I would recommend Scalp Med to friends.” -Alvin Escobar

“At 120 days, I’m noticing a lot of new hair growth and my bald spot shrinking significantly. My hair stylist commented that she noticed a lot of new hair growth.” -Alvin Escobar