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John Acosta – Baseline

John Acosta – Baseline

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I started noticing hair loss probably around 10 to 11 years ago. It was pointed out to me by my hairstylist, who commented that it seemed to be thinning a little bit.

When it was first pointed out to me, it was a bit of a shock because  my dad still had a full head of hair, and I’d hoped  to continue on that path.

The hair loss was a bit of a blow to the ego, which surprised me because I’ve never really been a  very vain person.

Looking at the baseline photos I can honestly say that it’s much worse than I thought.  The hair loss on my scalp is much more extensive than I had realized.  I feel very self-conscious, and wear a hat all the time.  I feel hopeful about trying ScalpMed, but somewhat skeptical.