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Embracing Sudden Hair Loss in Men

Embracing Sudden Hair Loss in Men

           Hair loss is an issue that many men struggle with, but do not often have all the information they need to make an informed decision about how to treat their hair loss. The most common type of significant hair loss associated with men is Male Pattern Baldness; however, there are several other conditions that cause sudden hair loss in men. To select the best treatment method possible, it is vital to develop a comprehensive understanding of the cause of the unexplained hair loss, the formal diagnosis, and what the ideal treatment plan is to help regrow lost hair.

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Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men

           There are many factors that can spur the sudden loss of hair, but many people do not associate seemingly dissimilar occurrences in their life as correlating to their loss of hair. One of the most common causes of hair loss in men is stress. While it is not inherently obvious to assume that your hair may be falling out due to a recent financial hardship, professional misstep, or personal issue, it could very well be the underlying cause that has thrown your body into a state of panic. Below are a few more of the most common causes of hair loss in men.

  • Age:Age is the most natural contributing factor to hair loss. Genetics play a significant role in how the body ages and how the body’s processes change over time. Due to age, some men will notice an increase in their shedding phase, which results in hair loss when not replaced with an active growth phase. Sudden hair loss in men over 50 in not an uncommon occurrence, but it is one that is many men feel self-conscious about. Due to sudden hair loss, men can sometimes attempt to undertake drastic measures to reignite hair growth.
  • Hormonal Imbalance:For both men and women, hormonal imbalances are a common cause of unexplained hair loss. Hormone imbalances are difficult to identify without the aid of physician, and when seeking the cause of hair loss, it is sometimes necessary to have a blood panel tested to check all relevant hormonal levels so that any abnormalities can be investigated and remediated.
  • Iron Deficiency (also known as anemia):Iron deficiency is one of the simplest forms of hair loss to reverse, as it is only caused by the body having a lack of iron to draw from. By taking a simple daily supplement of iron, the effects of anemia can be reversed and future occurrences of iron deficiency caused hair loss avoided.
  • Sudden Weight Loss:Sudden weight loss may not seem like the most common cause of hair loss; however, the human body is a finely tuned system that reacts when its stability is threatened. Rapid weight loss causes the body to react in a myriad of diverse ways, one of which is the sudden loss of hair.
  • Nutrition:An imbalanced diet can also be the culprit of unexplained hair loss. When the body is not getting the nutrients and vitamins it requires from daily food intake, it cannot keep all processes functioning at optimum proficiency. Dry, brittle hair that ceases to grow in a normal cycle can sometimes be caused by a disruption in the nutrition the body needs to keep hair healthy and growing consistently.

Types of Hair Loss in Men

There are a three main types of hair loss that affect men, but many men only have heard about Male Pattern Baldness. While Male Pattern Baldness is common and should be understood, it is not the only explanation for unexplained hair loss. Below is information about the three leading types of hair loss men experience.

  • Tellogen Effuvium:This type of hair loss is extremely common and is treatable. Tellogen Effuvium occurs when a person undergoes a very stressful experience that causes them to begin losing their hair. Stress throws the body into a state of panic in which its normal processes are disrupted, so hair loss is just one of the many outcomes that can result from a stressful experience or phase in someone’s life. The easiest way to treat Tellogen Effuvium is to identify and mitigate the stressor that is causing the hair loss.
  • Alopecia Areata:Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, thereby resulting in the sudden loss of hair in circular or oval shaped patches.
  • Male Pattern Baldness:Male Pattern Baldness is a permanent state of hair loss with no regrowth. Over half of the male population will be affected by Male Pattern Baldness by the time they reach 50, making it the most prevalent type of hair loss in men. Male Pattern Baldness is often characterized by a receding hairline that begins at the top of the hair and recedes back over time, or a single bald spot at the back of the head.

Taking a Positive Approach to Hair Loss

           The most effective way to successfully treat hair loss is to correctly identify the cause of the hair loss, make a diagnosis, and consult a medical professional about how to move forward. The most beneficial strategy when dealing with sudden hair loss is to embrace the process and remain positive. Once you attain a full understanding of how hair loss occurs, it can be seen with less shame and more understanding that it is merely a natural process and there is a myriad of approaches to aid in hair regrowth. To take a positive approach on hair loss, see it as an opportunity to improve other parts of yourself that you can exercise more tangible control over. Hair regrowth may be a slow process, so choose a few goals that will give you satisfaction in the meantime and will keep you feeling like you are working towards a goal. It is best to adopt goals that also will aid in the hair regrowth process, like adopting a healthier diet and taking supplements known to stimulate hair growth.

How ScalpMed Can Help

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