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Elijah Baughman’s New Hair

Elijah Baughman’s New Hair

“I’m noticing a lot of growth.  It feels a lot different.  Thicker than it’s been in years.  I’m seeing difference in the mirror for sure!  Definitely new growth.”  – Elijah Baughman

Men Hair Regrowth Results 6


Men Hair Regrowth Results 7

2 Months

Men Hair Regrowth Results 8

4 Months

Men Hair Regrowth Results 9

6 Months

“I was feeling kind of cocky too.  Not necessarily in a bad way.  I was feeling cocky for Shane, for the product, for ScalpMed”  – Elijah Baughman

“It’s just ridiculous.  You know, but I’m just saying, I’m feeling like a Scalp Med cheerleader, man.  Give  me some pom-poms”  – Elijah Baughman