4 Hair Traits That Speed Up Growth

4 Hair Traits That Speed Up Growth

Before looking for a hair growth treatment, it’s important to first understand what traits promote healthy growth. These are the four most important qualities your hair needs to get beautiful and long-lasting results.

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1. Strong
If your hair tends to break or fall out easily, growing it is going to be an uphill battle. To keep your hair healthy and robust, make sure you are getting enough protein and biotin. Protein, which your hair is actually made of, helps with combating dry, brittle locks. Biotin has also been proven to prevent hairloss, which means your hair can keep growing.

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2. Protected
It’s not enough to have strong hair; it also needs to be protected. Vitamin E offers protection from the sun’s damaging rays, and it also doubles as a stimulant for better circulation by widening your blood vessels. This ensures that the nourishment your growing hair needs is being delivered in abundance. Zinc and selenium are two other nutrients that provide scalp protection by strengthening your hair follicles and keeping your scalp free from dryness and flakiness.

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3. Hydrated
Strong hair also means hydrated hair! A lack of moisture causes itchy scalps and weakens hair, turningit brittle and making it prone to breakage. Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, and biotin are all excellent ways to stimulate the oils that condition your scalp.

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4. Well-circulated
As mentioned earlier, better blood flow leads to a better supply of nutrients to your scalp. Vitamin Edoes this job well, and so does iron. In fact, too little iron has been noted as a major cause of hair loss and shedding. To help with the absorption of this nutrient, include vitamin C with your iron intake. This vitamin also helps in the production of collagen and in strengthening the capillaries that provide your hair with the essentials.

Problems with hair growth can have number of sources, and getting enough essential nutrients may not be the only solution for everyone. 

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