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ScalpMED® Blog

We’re big fans of gadgets, fast cars, and sleek technology.  Check out our collection of favorites here!…

Do you have a green thumb?  Love to decorate? Maybe you’ll find some inspiration from this photo collection.…

From application tips to gorgeous packaging to favorite products… We’re kind of obsessed.…

Your wedding day is typically one of the biggest, most important, most exciting, most nerve-wracking days of your life. Don't let a bad hair day ruin the memories (or the pictures!). Start using our product line now and be ready for the big day! Here’s a collection of inspirational wedding photos to help you plan your special day.

We love love just as much as anyone else! Don't let your hair concerns put a damper on your confidence and keep you from finding love or enjoying your current relationship. Whether your hair is thinning or damaged, our product line can help make it full of life again, and you can put your best foot, or head, forward! Here are a few of our favorite relationship aspirations.

We believe in not only creating and providing quality products that address your haircare concerns, but also products that are sustainable, considerate, and kind. Our products are cruelty free because of these cute faces. Here’s a collection of some of the cutest furry friends.