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Getting Started in Growing Your Hair Back

Getting Started in Growing Your Hair Back

Beginning your hair regrowth journey is an exciting and daunting step to take after experiencing hair loss or hair thinning. It can seem intimidating to invest time and money into a treatment option and place trust in its ability to aid in stimulating new hair growth. While this can be a difficult step to take, choosing a proven-effective regimen to regrow lost hair will be vital to achieving the hair regrowth you desire. Scalp Med is a hair growth process that has helped many people regain their lost hair and their confidence. Scalp Med is designed to treat both male and female hair loss or hair thinning due to both hereditary and non-hereditary causes. Scalp Med’s innovative two-step process moisturizes the scalp while stimulating the growth of new hair through an uncomplicated and user-friendly system. To help you get started in growing your hair back, we have put together a guide to the two-step Scalp Med application process and tips to help you achieve success with the Scalp Med system.

Two-Step Scalp Med Application Instructions

           Scalp Med is an easy to use two-step system that can fit any lifestyle. Scalp Med possesses an uncomplicated application process that allows you to quickly apply Scalp Med and continue living your life without having to slow down. Below are the two steps that comprise the Scalp Med process.

  • NutriSol®:The first step of the Scalp Med system is applying the NutriSol®. NutriSol® is a multi-patented pretreatment technology designed to create the ideal environment on the scalp to prepare for the growth of new hair. Simply shake the NutriSol® well, place the nozzle directly into contact with the scalp on the affected area, and apply four to six pumps of the NutriSol®. Massage the NutriSol® into the scalp after every two to three pumps to ensure that the affected area is completely covered.
  • Vitadil®:The second step of the Scalp Med system is applying the Vitadil®. Vitadil® is the only FDA-approved ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair. Following a similar process to the NutriSol®, apply a total of six pumps of the Vitadil® directly to the affected area of the scalp, covering the same areas on which you placed the NutriSol®. Massage the Vitadil® into the scalp every two pumps to aid in distribution. Be sure you wash your hands after you have completed applying the Vitadil®.

It is recommended that Scalp Med be applied twice a day to attain optimal results, once in the morning and once at night. Scalp Med should be applied at least forty-five minutes prior to showering or rinsing the scalp and can be left on all day or all night. If you experience a greasy, oily, or sticky effect, remember to spray the Scalp Med directly to the scalp and not the rest of the hair on the head. If the issue persists, take a paper towel and gently pat the affected area to remove the product or utilize a dry shampoo to remove the residue. Scalp Med can be used in conjunction with other styling products, but it is important that other products only be applied beyond the scalp so they do not interfere with the Scalp Med process. If you have any concerns that your styling products may be damaging the health of your hair, try the Scalp Med styling products that are specially designed to work with the Scalp Med system and make your hair as healthy as possible.

Tips to Being Successful with Scalp Med

  • Follow the application instructions. Be sure you are using the Scalp Med products correctly to achieve the best results.
  • Don’t quit too soon. Change often requires time in order to occur and sometimes it can be difficult to persevere when you want to see results quickly. Scalp Med requires time to effectively stimulate hair regrowth, so be patient and remember that change will come. In many cases, it will take three to four months for the treatment system to begin showing a significant difference and it will be worth the wait.
  • Everyone is different. It can be tempting to compare yourself to others, but each individual is different and each instance of hair loss and hair thinning manifests itself uniquely depending upon the individual. Change will occur at its own rate and it is dependent on the individual person, so be sure to keep in mind that each person is different.
  • Take progress photos. Throughout your journey, taking progress photos to document change that is occurring over time will help you accurately observe your results. It can be difficult to see small change as it occurs each day, but by comparing progress photos over the course of weeks and months, it will be much easier to recognize the changes occurring.